Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we are having a WordPress plugin potluck – and real potluck.

“What are the best plugins to use?” is the #1 question we hear from our new members. Come share your favorites!

How the WordPress Plugin Potluck works

• All ATTENDEES must bring a lesser known plugin to share with the group – no Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Gravity Forms, etc. You get the idea… Don’t share one of the uber-popular plugins.

• Each attendee will have 3-5 minutes to tell the group why they love this plugin. What problem did you have? How did this plugin solve it? Etc.

• Also, if you’re a plugin developer, this is the perfect opportunity to pitch your plugin and share it’s benefits – HIGHLY ENCOURAGED

How the real potluck works

• Bring a food or beverage item to share with everyone. It doesn’t have to be homemade and it doesn’t have to feed 20. Just bring a snack to share

• Post a comment telling everyone what you’re bringing – so we don’t end up with 40 bags of tortilla chips


A big thank you to SquareOffs for hosting the space for this Meetup