Networking begins at 6:00 and the presentation begins at 6:30.

Message Camp: Crafting Your Key Message to Grow Advocates

Your messaging, the words you use and how well they communicate your mission is the most important consideration for growing your advocate base. Online and in person, you must not only communicate the core of your purpose, you must also touch the heart and mind of your ideal advocate. In this 90 Minute workshop, you will learn how to craft a unifying, engaging and mobilizing message for all of your marketing and communication efforts. 

About Mike Farag

After years marketing and selling wireless, cable and software for names like Cox and Sprint, Mike realized there had to be a more vibrant model for making connections, a more satisfying narrative for the advertising life. At his core, Mike lives to tell stories that create social good. When his dissatisfaction with the corporate norm and his passion for doing good caught up to each other on a trip to Haiti, Fervor sprang to life. With Mike at the helm as an experienced brand strategist, savvy salesman and intuitive leader, Fervor is revolutionizing the craft of telling dynamic brand stories and helping organizations make a greater impact.

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