Jim Grant of Simply Creative Media will cover the ins and outs of the importance of using a SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate and encryption on your WordPress website. 

Now, more than ever, having SSL encryption is super-important.

Starting in October, when anyone fills out a form on your website in Google Chrome, they will see a “Not Secure” message if your website does not have a SSL properly installed.

Read more from Google – https://security.googleblog.com/2017/04/next-steps-toward-more-connection.html

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Connect with Jim

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Meetup Schedule 

• Networking – Chat with other group members: 7pm 
• Member introductions: 7:15pm 
• Presentation: 7:30pm 
• Q&A: Immediately following presentation 
• Chat and talk shop: Following Q&A, up until 9pm

Make sure to arrive on time, this one might be standing room only!


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