Your business is your life. You started it because you had a talent to share with the world. But it doesn’t take long to realize you can’t do it all. Marianne Worthington, team architect for Work Warrior and speaker at WordCampKC 2015, will share tips and tricks on what work you should be delegating to others, and how to find the perfect contractor that will ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. More importantly, she will go over how you can find people that will buy into the vision of your business, and help you grow it. There is too much competition out there to waste time on people who aren’t a perfect match for you OR your business. Space is limited, so RSVP now!

Marianne’s Bio: I love super hero shirts, sequins, selfies and exclamation points! I am also the founder of Work Warrior LLC, a company that helps small business owners build highly functional teams by empowering their employees to become self sufficient. For over a decade I’ve been fortunate enough to build teams that have exceeded benchmarks, saved client relationships, increased sales…done things most thought were impossible. By focusing on the tangible aspect of team building I have helped teams make the seemingly impossible. In 2010 I received my Master’s in Organizational Development from Avila University.