WordPressKC Gives Back – Free Websites for Kansas City Non-Profits

WordPressKC prides ourselves in giving back to the Kansas City community by offering free or low-cost websites to non-profit organizations.

We are a group of WordPress professional, developers, designers and enthusiasts with more than 100 years of collective web design, WordPress development, and business marketing experience!

If you are a member of a non-profit organization that needs a website remodel or simply need the very first website for your organization, we’re happy to help.

Non-Profit Website Requirements

  • We’re not going to get too picky, but you must show us that your organization is not-for-profit and gives back to the Kansas City community in one way or another.
  • Your organization must provide ONE person who has absolute decision making abilities in the website building process.
  • This representative MUST attend multiple meetings regarding the creation of the website.
  • Your organization must purchase your own domain name to use for the website. Depending on your organization’s needs, additional software purchases may be required.
  • Allow a “Built by WordPressKC” page on your website, thanking all the people who worked on the project and the sponsors who provided free services and/or software.
  • Be excited to share info about your project, WordPressKC, the project team members and sponsors – who will provide free software and services – via social media and blog!

Apply for a Free Website

Please fill out the short form below if your organization fits all the criteria above. As a group, we select a project to work on. When that project is complete, we will help another Kansas City non-profit.

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Can’t find an answer to your question? Send WordPressKC an email

Can our organization keep the domain name we already have?

Yes. A domain name is not tied to your existing website. That said, as website and internet professionals, WordPressKC may suggest a domain name change to improve your online presence. Whether you change or not is completely up to you.

Our organization already has a website, will WordPressKC help us?

Yes. Although, we will only build and help with WordPress websites. If your organization’s website is not built with WordPress, the website will be rebuilt on the WordPress platform. If your website is built on WordPress, WordPressKC will help to improve your existing website… or completely remodel it.

How do I know if my website is built on WordPress?

Visit BuiltWith.com and enter your domain name. Built With will return a “Technology Profile,” listing technologies and software used to build your website. Scroll through, if your see “Content Management Systems” – “WordPress,” your website is built on WordPress. If you do not see this, it is not. Having trouble figuring it out? Send us an email and we will check for you.

What happens when our website is complete? Who will make updates?

WordPressKC will train your organization’s representative to be able to manage your website completely. Your organization’s representative will learn how to update software, update content, make basic style changes and more. If your organization needs future help updating the website, just come to a WordPress KC meeting and we will be happy to help.

Why do we have to send a representative to meetings?

A representative will not need to attend every meeting. In the beginning, we will have a “discovery” meeting with the project manager to outline the expectations for the new website. After discovery, we would like you to introduce your organization to the people working on the project. Later, we will need you to attend to discuss content, changes, launch, etc.

How many non-profit websites does WordPressKC Gives Back build at a time?

WordPressKC builds one non-profit website at a time. There is a wide range of experience and knowledge in our group. We build one website at a time so our novice members can experience every aspect of the website creation process and gain all the knowledge and experience they need

If my organization is not selected for this project, can we submit again?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, if your organization is not selected, we will contact you to ask if you still need our help and we will automatically consider you for our next project if so.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Send WordPressKC an email